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"I am the Narrator Voicing New Flavor in your Ear"

Spoken Word is an essential element of the media mix for authors, publishers, advertisers, and listeners alike.  Spoken Word is written on a page but performed for an audience.  We perform your work, putting it in the air right where the world can hear and engage.   



Order a Professional Book Excerpt 

Increase your book sales with a Professional reading of  your book soley for marketing. Some clients only need hear the intro or one chapter narrated out loud engaging them in your story.  I will narrate the whole book or just a section.   

     I narrate Audio-Ads 

Ads with specialized Voice Over, perfect asset to go on your Author's platform or Paid Ads and Free posts throughout the internet that get you noticed.

I Narrate Audiobooks

It is a treat for me to add my voice to the wonderful works of new authors.  Working together with the self published author to create a brand new version the book narrated by me or my team.  The Audiobook to the author's sales, is like fertilizer to the farmer, it makes everything grow.    


   I Podcast  

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  I Voice Over Videos

     I Design Movie Style Book Trailer

I love to teach! 


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I am a Professional Spoken Word Artist