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There is no greater feeling than...

watching the people around you, outwardly enjoying your work. Listening and laughing to the story you wrote.


Let the world hear your book... be sure and Market In Audio.  Audiobooks and Beyond, we'll show you the way! 


Spoken Word is an essential component of the media mix for authors, publishers, advertisers, and listeners alike. Spoken Word is written on a page but performed for an audience. We perform your work, broadcasting it to a global audience so that others can hear and connect with it.



Put your Book Excerpt on YouTube

Increase your book sales by having your book professionally read solely for marketing. Some clients only need to hear the intro or one chapter to be read aloud to them, in order to be fully immersed in your story. I'll narrate the entire book or a section of it. 

"Voicing New Flavor for Your Ear"

     We Create Audio-Ads 

Ads with specialized voiceover are the perfect asset for the author’s platform. You can post them as Paid Ads as well as free posts throughout the internet, that will get you noticed by your targeted audience more quickly.

Narrate Audiobooks

It's a treat for me to lend my voice to the wonderful works of new authors. I work together with the self-published authors to create a brand-new version of the book narrated by me or my team. To the author's sales, the audiobook is like fertilizer to the farmer; it makes everything grow.


   We Will Even Build Your Podcast  

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  We create Voice-Over Videos

     We Design Movie Style

Book Trailers

I love to inspire while I teach! 


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